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Dear partners,

Thank you for your continuous support for VIIYONG.
Here is a clarification to some recent inquiries about VIIYONG's company operation condition:
1. VIIYONG has successfully completed the capital investment and enterprise development plan. Led by the founder Mr. Chen Weirong and joined by a full MLCC management team, VIIYONG is operating stably, and in a rapid development and expansion of production. There is no asset or team relationship with any other company except the publicly owned affiliates.
2. VIIYONG has mature MLCC R&D and manufacturing technology, as well as an experienced team, including R&D, manufacturing, quality and marketing team, of which the key members have been deeply involved in the MLCC industry for decades.
3. VIIYONG's factory is equipped with the world's most advanced MLCC purification workshops and the most advanced MLCC production equipment. These high cleanliness degree workshops, high precision equipment and automation manufacturing management have been recognized a series of well-known brand customers globally and are now delivering MLCC to them in large quantity.
4. VIIYONG's production capacity of micro capacity MLCC (01005 and 0201) has reached 18 billion pieces/month, and it is being actively expanded to meet the growing demand from customers.

Thanks again for your support. We welcome all partners to keep in touch with us.