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To all the staff of VIIYONG, we suggest you to follow these steps to fight against the pandemic virus and protect each of us.

1. personal protection: Avoid going out and wear a mask when you have to, including during working hours; Wash hands frequently;DO NOT rub your eyes or nose; Pay attention to diet, do not eat cold food and peeling the fruit before eating.
2. Cooperate in information registration and isolation procedures: In Luoding factory, before your return, inform HR department of your time schedule and contact information in advance, and the administration department shall arrange isolation; In Dongguan factory, the administrative department shall arrange the isolation in designated dormitories; Shenzhen employees please work in accordance with requirements from according community.
3. Follow the prevention and control work within VIIYONG: We have arranged comprehensive disinfection, temperature detection, meals at staggered period and one-side dinning. They may be a bit troublesome, but please follow them to protect us all.
4. Timely report abnormal situation: report to the HR department at the first time wen there is any physical abnormality of you or any others.
5. During this special time, if there is a shortage of living needs, please feedback to your supervisor, and our HR  will response according to overall demands.
6. Keep a healthy and scientific attitude and routine for work and rest, no panic, no anxiety, no rumor spreading.
7. During this period, our colleges from administrative dep., HR dep., community workers,  security guards, road traffic police, and a large number of volunteers and medical staff all worked very hard and are suffering more than us. Please support their work and thank them for their hard and selfless efforts!

Please be reminded that this message is written in Chinese originally and we've only translated the main idea of major information into English.

 If you should be interested in this topic and wanted to know in detail, please contact us via these open contacts.





1. 注意个人防护:尽量杜绝外出;凡可能有与其他接触的场景,全程佩戴口罩,包括工作时间;勤洗手,不要用手揉眼鼻等有黏膜的部位;注意饮食,不吃生凉食物,水果削皮食用。

2. 配合当地政府的隔离和信息登记要求:从云浮以外地区返回罗定工厂的同事,提前告知人事部行程及接触人员信息,由行政部安排隔离;东莞员工住宿园区内宿舍的由行政部安排隔离,住宿园区外的自我隔离;深圳员工按照社区、小区、街道的隔离要求自我隔离。

3. 配合公司内防控工作:公司安排了全面消毒、体温检测和错时就餐、单向就餐方案,请全员理解配合。

4. 及时汇报异常情况:个人或身边人员有身体异常时,第一时间向人事部反馈。

5. 特殊时期,如有生活需求物资不足,请向部门领导反馈,人事部汇总整体应对。

6. 科学态度,健康作息,不恐慌不焦虑,不造谣不传谣。

7. 疫情防控时期,公司行政部、人事部,社区工作人员、小区保安,路上交通警察,大量志愿者和医务人员等都非常辛苦,请支持他们的工作并感谢他们的辛勤无私的付出!